How to use the Israeli version of Google search to find and block anti-Semitic sites

Google’s official search function is one of the most effective tools the Israeli government has to combat online anti-Semitism, according to a new study by the Electronic Intifada.

In Israel, Israeli officials have launched a program that will enable Google to quickly block anti -Semitic sites, and to do so without having to ask the user’s permission.

The Israel Electronic IntIFada reported on Thursday that the Israel Cyber Security Center has developed a tool that will help users block anti Jewish sites on their computer.

The program is based on a tool developed by the IDF’s Center for Cyber Defense (CCD), a specialized unit within the IDF, which specializes in the development of cyber defenses.

The CCD, which is tasked with developing cyber weapons, has been conducting cyber operations in Israel since 2012.

The center, which also operates in the United States and Europe, was created by the Israel Defense Forces in 2013, according the report.

The project was first publicized in 2013.

The Israeli government, however, has not yet made public the program’s details.

The IDF’s Cyber Defense Center, known as Cyber Intelligence Unit (CIB), was set up by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in 2014 to develop cyber weapons for Israel.

The initiative has been heavily criticized by the international community for its lack of transparency and lack of oversight.

The study’s authors claim that Israel’s program is the first of its kind.

In addition to the official search tool, the program allows users to create filters to block sites.

The researchers claimed that this tool can be used to identify anti-Jewish sites in Israel that the government deems as harmful to the Jewish people.

However, they noted that the program does not prevent searches on the internet.

Instead, it is a tool for the Israeli intelligence agency to find anti-Israeli sites that it deems harmful to Israel.

In a press release, the CCD’s head of cyber operations, Yoav Kalka, said that Israel “has become a major center for international anti-Semites, and is working on its own version of the Google search function to block anti Jews.”

“We are also trying to create an online anti anti-Israel search engine, where Israeli Jews can submit information to the system to find out if their neighbors are anti- Jews, and if so, how they are,” he said.

Kalkam told The Jerusalem Times that the IDF does not use the search function in the way Google does.

Instead of creating a new search function, it “sees the same information from all the known known sites that Google knows.”

Kalkal said that the aim of the project was to create a tool, “which we can then use for filtering the internet to exclude anti- Jewish sites,” and also for the search engine’s detection of anti- Israeli content.

The tool is currently being developed in Israel, but it could be extended to other countries, Kalkah said.

The use of the search and filtering functions in the program is controversial in Israel.

It has been criticized for violating the principle of freedom of expression, and for allowing the Israeli security apparatus to monitor users’ activities.

Kinkal said in the statement that the project is not meant to be a censorship tool, but a tool to help the IDF identify and block websites it considers to be harmful to Jews.

“We believe that this new tool is necessary to combat the spread of anti Jewish propaganda on the Internet,” he told The Times.

Israel’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (IMIT) has already launched a similar project.

The company is developing a search tool that can be activated by the users and blocked by the search service.

The ministry, which does not reveal how many people use the tool, has also asked for help from the public to provide feedback.

The new project, which could be expanded to other nations, is being developed to combat anti-Muslim and anti-Zionist websites, the report said.

Israel has become the latest country in the world to enact a crackdown on websites that support the BDS movement, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, and the BDS boycott, the campaign to pressure the Israeli regime to release Palestinian prisoners.

In December, Israel began cracking down on a Palestinian protest group, the BDS National Committee, for alleged support for BDS, including its online activities.

The government launched a number of arrests, including of the group’s leader and several of its leaders.

The group has faced numerous crackdowns in the past.

The report noted that in October, the Israeli police also arrested members of the Jewish People’s Action Committee, a prominent Jewish organization, for its role in organizing the September 2016 protests in support of the prisoners’ release.

The arrests were in response to the group staging a sit-in in Tel Aviv and participating in the protest march to the Israeli embassy, according a statement issued by the police.

In August, Israeli police raided the offices of a pro-Palestinian website in the southern city of Haifa, arresting three