‘Trump Is Not a Patriot’: The Conservative Media’s Attack on the American Patriot

Posted February 11, 2018 07:04:16A few days ago, the conservative media began to paint the Democratic Party as a bunch of softies, as if it was the party of Hillary Clinton, when it was actually the Republican Party.

The media has also started to blame Donald Trump for the mass murder in Orlando, calling the President a “terrorist.”

The liberal media has a new tactic.

It is attacking President Donald Trump as a “fascist,” and the only thing that the liberals can do is defend him by claiming he is a nationalist.

This is the first time since World War II that a foreign leader has been labeled a fascist, and it is the new way to attack President Trump.

The liberal-media campaign is also taking aim at President Trump’s first lady, Melania Trump, who has become a symbol of white identity politics.

The attack on Melania Trump has been directed at the first lady because she is a woman of color, and because she wears the hijab, which many Muslims feel is a symbol that God hates the West.

The liberal media’s attempt to demonize the first wife has been aimed at President Donald J. Trump because she has stood up to the radical left, which is a real threat to America and the world.

It has been called a “black crime” and a “war on women.”

The president has taken on the liberal media by claiming that the media is working for a “rigged system” to undermine him and his presidency.

But the media doesn’t think that way.

The left-wing media believes that President Donald Trumps victory is proof that the system is rigged and that the American people are not a real democracy, but an oligarchy that is corrupt.

The mainstream media, including Fox News, MSNBC, and the liberal Washington Post, are all biased, but they are all doing their job, and they are not biased in their coverage.

The mainstream media is not trying to undermine President Trump and his agenda.

The main goal of the media, the left-leaning media, is to make President Trump look bad, and then to use the media to discredit him and to delegitimize his presidency, to make him look like a racist, a fascist or a xenophobe.

That is the agenda of the mainstream media.

The American people should be alarmed at the media attacks on President Trump, because the American public is being manipulated by the liberal-left media.

The President has attacked President Donald T. Trump and President Donald Jr. for his policies.

They are not the only ones.

The Democrats and the mainstream-media have attacked President Trump for not following through on his promises to build a wall, and to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.

And the President has gone after President Trump by calling him a “serial liar.”

But the American media doesn,t know what it wants.

The president has said many times that he will keep his promises.

He has made some very good deals.

But if he keeps his promises, then the American economy will grow.

And he has a very, very high approval rating.

But he also has to do things, and I mean things, that are not going to work.

He is going to have to work harder than anybody else to get these things done.

He needs to keep his promise to get the economy going.

And when he says he is going after the establishment, it is not because he is trying to get a certain type of establishment, but because the establishment is going against him.

He can get the establishment to support him.

But I am not going, by the way, to label him a fascist because I think that is a dangerous thing.

What is dangerous is when the establishment becomes so frightened of the president that they start to make compromises.

And that is what has happened with respect to the wall, because now that he is taking tough measures, he can get his agenda passed.

The media is very good at this, and there are many examples of how they are doing this.

The New York Times ran a piece last week, entitled, ‘The Trump-Bannon Transition Is A Dangerous Game,’ which said that President Trump should “hold off on taking on his critics, and instead focus on the agenda that will benefit him personally and his administration.”

The Times went on to quote President Trump saying that he doesn’t want to lose his popularity with Americans because “I’m not going down the path of somebody that is trying so hard to be hated.”

And I think he is right.

I think it is going too far.

But I think the media will not do that.

The Trump administration has been criticized for not doing enough to protect Americans from the Islamic State, which has become the group’s primary target.

The President has been very aggressive on the fight against the Islamic state.

But his administration has not done enough to stop ISIS from gaining a foothold in the Middle East.

President Trump has criticized the President for not being tough enough, for not making it clear that the United States