Abwork out: Why are you working out so hard?

With his latest project, “Fatal Error,” the former Nickelodeon star will tackle the topic of whether or not he’s better off just doing what he loves. 

“I don’t have a problem with it.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” he said.

“I do think that if you do the right thing and you make your own life choices, then you can have a good life.

It’s all in the choice of your life, and I think that being a successful person is all about making the right choices.”

In his latest endeavor, Abwork Out, the former Teen Mom OG star will take a look at his personal journey to get to where he is.

“It’s really hard to be a successful dad in the 21st century.

You have to make your choices and you have to be responsible for your children, and if you’re not a good dad you don’t want to have a child.

So I’m really lucky to be able to do this.

It feels great.

It really helps me in my life, to know that I’m doing the right things.”

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with working out in the gym, Abworking Out will give viewers a look into his life.

“I’m working out to get fit.

It doesn’t have to have to do with money.

I have the gym equipment.

I also have the training, and you just gotta be willing to do that,” he added.

“That’s what it is.”

Watch the “Fantastic Four” star discuss the upcoming film below: