What’s the best thing that has ever happened to a meme?

It’s hard to imagine a better time for a meme than when a user created one of his own, with a “work anniversary” meme on his Instagram.

The meme has been widely shared on Twitter and Facebook and has become something of a favorite of social media users, who see the image as a kind of “celebrity moment” when they’ve shared an image from their own life.

On Tuesday, a user who goes by the name @_Hussein_ posted the image to Instagram, and within minutes, it had become the most-liked meme on the platform.

The caption read: “The only thing better than a work anniversary is an old work, a work you made.

A work you wrote for yourself.

A great work you put in your mind, like a work of art.

A beautiful work, an original work of fiction, a masterpiece.”

It was shared nearly 400,000 times and quickly went viral.

The original meme on Instagram