How Apple Pay works and how to use it

A quick recap: Apple Pay uses a secure payment system that requires a PIN or password.

If a person swipes their credit card, they’ll be redirected to a QR code and the device will begin processing payment for that card.

The payment system has its limitations: A payment device can only be used for one transaction at a time, and a card can only accept one payment at a given time.

It’s unclear how Apple Pay will handle credit card numbers, which it hasn’t said if it’ll be able to process with a PIN.

While Apple Pay isn’t ready to roll out across all devices, the company has said it expects to have it on the Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad by the end of the year.

Apple Pay has been in beta for a few months now, but the company hasn’t publicly released any technical details about how it works.

We’re told it’s a secure solution for transactions made with Apple Pay, but that’s not exactly clear.