How to get a US visa for your home country

A long-awaited report from the US Consulate General in Australia says visa restrictions on Australians are too restrictive, but its recommendations could lead to a relaxation of rules.

In a report released on Tuesday, the consulate office says there is “a high degree of consensus” that Australia needs to reduce visa restrictions.

“The consulate office has found that the US visa requirements for Australians are not sufficiently restrictive and that there is a high degree and level of consensus within the Consulate that the United States visa requirements are not restrictive enough,” the report states.

“Australia is not a destination for Australian nationals.

The Consulate has received extensive feedback from Australian and international citizens on how we should address these visa requirements.”

The report recommends a range of measures including: a review of Australia’s visa requirements to allow for more flexibility for Australians to work in the United State; a review to ensure that Australians with dual citizenship who already hold a US green card or have an Australian permanent resident visa can apply for a visa; and a review by the Department of Homeland Security to clarify that the Australian temporary resident visa does not require the approval of the US embassy in Australia.

“Given the high level of cooperation between the Consulates of the two countries, the Consular Service is prepared to facilitate the work of Australian consular officers,” the Department wrote in a statement.

The report says the Australian Government needs to consider a range, including a range that would be in the “public interest”, including reducing visa requirements on Australian citizens who hold US green cards and permanent resident visas.

It also says the consulate could “recommend that a new system of dual citizenship is introduced to allow Australians to seek Australian citizenship”.

The consulate office is also concerned about the impact of visa restrictions imposed by the Trump administration on Australians with foreign passports, including the decision to cancel an Australian visa holder’s temporary visa from the Philippines and suspend her US greencard.

“It is unclear how many Australians who hold green cards from the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries have been subject to visa restrictions and have not been able to work legally in Australia due to these visa restrictions,” the consulate report states, adding that “there is no specific data on the number of Australians who have been affected by these visa rules”.

The Consular Services Australia report recommends the US State Department “consider further options” to improve visa requirements and “consider any changes that the Secretary of State might make to the requirements of the Visa Waiver Program and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).”