What you need to know about the ‘sexism’ controversy surrounding Melania Trump

The Republican presidential nominee, who recently said she is transgender, has faced an avalanche of criticism after using the term “transphobic” to describe the practice of allowing transgender people to use bathrooms of the gender with which they identify.

| AP Photo Trump defends ‘sexist’ comments about transgender people in 2016 book This week, a New York Times reporter asked the Republican nominee, then a senator from New York, about a 2009 book by the conservative journalist David Broder that detailed the experiences of transgender people living in the United States.

Trump responded that he had not seen the book and would not “tread on” Broder’s allegations.

“He has not been a journalist, has not had any professional experience,” Trump said of Broder.

“And I am not going to comment on his story.”

Trump has since issued a statement disavowing Broder and apologized for his remarks.

But he has yet to address the recent controversy surrounding the term transgender, which Trump said he did not understand.

“In 2008, I made a comment about how I didn’t understand what was happening to transgender people, but I have now learned that my initial remarks were wrong,” Trump wrote in a statement Thursday.

“I did not mean to imply that transgender people were not capable of living authentically, but that they were not entitled to the dignity, respect and privacy that I enjoyed as a human being.”

Broder is a writer who has written several books about transgender issues.

His latest book, Transgender: Inside the Transgender Revolution, was released last month.

He has also written for the conservative media outlet Breitbart News and other conservative outlets, including The Daily Caller and the Drudge Report.

Trump’s use of the term transphobic is not the first time the Republican presidential candidate has drawn criticism.

During a CNN town hall in August, Trump said that transgender Americans were “killing” themselves.

He later apologized.

“People were very, very hurt by that comment,” Trump told CNN in September.

Trump has been criticized for other statements, including saying in a debate that he thought “the military is the military” and that transgender service members should be allowed to serve openly.

But the use of “transgender” in a political campaign campaign is not new.

Trump, a real estate developer and reality television star, has been on the national political scene for years, running for president twice and for the presidency twice.