Which of these are the most powerful memes?

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was a constitutional right, it was seen as a watershed moment in American history.

But the meme that will forever be associated with the ruling is one that has the potential to impact nearly every facet of our daily lives, whether you’re talking about politics, religion, sports, fashion, or just about everything in between.

Here are the 10 most powerful versions of the “women at work” meme.1.

“A woman who is pregnant.”

“As a pregnant woman, you need to be sure you are being watched and that the staff is taking care of you.

Be sure that they are following proper procedure,” reads one meme, featuring a photo of a woman on a work call.”

If the office environment isn’t safe, and you have no way of knowing if your coworkers are OK, you should take the opportunity to talk to a supervisor to make sure everything is OK.

If your coworkers feel uncomfortable, you may want to make a complaint to the Human Resources department, and if the complaint is upheld, you can file a lawsuit.”2.

“You need to stay home.”

“Do not use your phone to call or text your husband, your parents, or your coworkers,” reads another meme.

“Keep your phone away from any electronic devices, including computers, iPads, iPods, and cell phones.

Do not bring laptops, tablets, or other devices into the office.

When you are not at work you should keep your phone in your office.”3.

“The office needs to be a safe place.”

“When you’re in the office, stay calm and calm your mind,” reads a second meme.

“‘Don’t worry, it’s just a game.

Just relax.

Relax, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be stressed.'”4.

“Don’t leave your office until you’re sure you’re okay.”

“Don’t be a jerk.

Be professional and be professional,” reads the third meme.5.

“Make sure your children are safe and sound.”

“Make sure you have a good backup plan for your kids if something does happen,” reads an example of one of the top ten.6.

“Stay home if you’re alone.”

“If you are alone, go to sleep.

If you are in a crowded or noisy place, stay in your home until the situation is resolved,” reads two of the meme.7.

“I’m not sure if the office is safe.”

“You need help if you feel unsafe,” reads yet another.8.

“Have a good meal.”

“Good food can help calm your nerves, help you get through the day, and may even help you feel more relaxed,” reads this meme.9.

“Work with others to do a task you love.”

“Work together to solve a problem you have,” reads what looks like a video of a couple making a pizza.

“Make a plan to solve the problem, like how to find the nearest food source, how to go to the nearest store, or how to get rid of a mold that’s growing on the wall,” reads these.10.

“If you have to go out, go home.”

These images of “work at home” memes have been used by employers to warn employees about their workplace safety.

While many of these memes have had their use curtailed by the Supreme Court ruling, they are still in use on social media.

Below are five examples of the most common examples of these “work home” and “work” memes:1.

When the Supreme is going to rule that women can’t wear pants.

“Women at work need to wear skirts or skirts with sleeves, a tie or dress, a skirt and/or apron, and long sleeves, such as a skirt that reaches to the knee or a skirt or dress that reaches up to the knees,” reads text from the image, which has been shared more than 2 million times.

“Women should be allowed to wear their hair in a ponytail.

You can also wear a hat and make a point of putting it on.”2