How to build a fast, low-cost water-powered electric vehicle

The electric vehicle could change the world, say electric car experts.

“If the market for electric cars is going to be competitive with conventional vehicles, there is going.

And if the market is going, that will be an incredible boost for the Indian economy,” said Srinivas Kothari, president of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMW India), the parent company of Tata Motors, which owns the Bengaluru-based carmaker.

Kothari added that electric cars are cheaper than petrol-powered cars, which he says are now cheaper than gas-powered ones.

“This is going too far,” he said.

Electric vehicles would not only make India a leader in the EV industry, but also help curb pollution, said Kothar.

“You will have a lot of electricity that is being generated, not being used.

There will be less CO2 emissions, which is good for the environment.

And you will have less carbon emissions, a reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted,” he added.

Electric cars, he said, could be part of a wider shift in how India works and lives.

“You will start to see the emergence of a more holistic, holistic, integrated approach to economic development,” he concluded.