What’s your secret to happiness?

We all know that it’s all about the things you do to feel more content, more relaxed, more productive, more joyful.

But how do you find that happiness?

Is it something you can work towards, or do you have to do all the work yourself?

Here are 5 of my favourite tips to help you find the perfect balance between work and play.1.

Create a tasklist1.

Set up a task list for yourself to track your progress.

Write down a list of what you’re currently working on and when, and why.

Then start tracking your progress towards it.

It will help you stay motivated and will help your self-worth.2.

Create an internal calendar3.

Create your own internal calendar.

You can use an app like Trello or a diary like Diary.

It’s also a great way to keep track of what is important to you, what you need to work on, and when.4.

Find a shared workspace5.

Find your own work space (or one you know you’ll like)It’s a good idea to have a place to work out of.

I personally use my personal desk, which is usually around my house, but I’m sure you can find an awesome coworking space if you live somewhere that has it.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to be, consider finding a place that has a lot of other people around you.

If you’re in a shared workplace, it might be best to split the work in two or even more teams to keep it more manageable.6.

Use a daily schedule7.

Make a commitment to take care of your body8.

Find some extra time for yourself9.

Take time to get outside10.

Find exercise1.

Make sure you’re healthy1.

Take a daily, healthy, and productive shower.

I find the water to be incredibly relaxing and relaxing for the mind.2, Take a short walk to take in the scenery.

I enjoy getting out in nature when I’m tired or when I need to escape from my mind.3, Take some time to eat healthy snacks, like fresh fruits and vegetables.4, Take an hour or so to run.

Running can be really calming, and it will make you feel more refreshed and more energetic.5, Go for a run.

A few miles or more a day can be a great workout and it’s an awesome way to relax.6, Have a cup of coffee.

If I have to drink my coffee before bed, I usually drink it on my way to and from work.7, Read.

It makes me feel more grounded and it gives me the peace of mind to take a moment to reflect on my day.8, Eat a balanced diet.

I’m a fan of a balanced food plan, but if you can’t be bothered to cook or bake, you can always eat a healthy, whole food meal at home.9, Read something new.

If it’s a new book, read it.

If the book is about something else, read a short story.10, Try something new for a while.

I really like reading something new and I like to challenge myself to try something new each day.

If something I find interesting doesn’t seem to work, try something else.

If these tips aren’t enough to get you started, I also highly recommend reading this post to get the most out of your time and energy.

It’s also great to take time to learn something new in order to better understand the world around you and the people around us.

If there are certain topics you feel you need a refresher on, then it might make sense to explore a different field.

For example, a good place to start is the history of medicine.