Ariat works boots, work truck, work permit

Ariatea Arokho has been working in the garment industry for the past few years, but has always wanted to pursue her dream of getting married.

She started studying abroad to help her find a job.

Now, Aroketa is finally in the market for a wedding ring, and the results are amazing.

“I had a dream to marry, but I couldn’t find the right wedding ring,” Arokya said.

I had the ring for six years, and I finally had the one I wanted,” Aruketa said, as she showed off her ring to the media.

Arokyas ring is a black and white ring with diamonds in it, but the real treat is the gemstone, which is made from gold.

In the United States, the ring cost around $2,000.

The ring has two layers, the base, which holds the diamond, and a layer of thin, soft and durable gold.

She said that her husband, Nenom, and her mother-in-law, Yolanda, were both happy with the engagement ring, which was purchased by Arokena from the local mall.

Arokinas ring can be customized, but she said that she can customize it to suit any needs, such as adding a gold-filled ring to it.

After her wedding, Arukyas plans to have a baby and take a few weeks off work.

She plans to visit her mother in-law in the next few months.