How to wear your own tirdy work boots to work

I’m a big fan of tirdys work boots.

They fit me perfectly.

The best part is they’re super stylish.

I can wear them with jeans or jeans with a sweater.

But they’re also super comfortable and they fit me really well.

Here are a few tips for wearing tirdies work boots on the job.1.

Use your own feet2.

Wear comfortable shoes3.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop to work4.

Wear a shirt.

You can always take the shirt off when you’re at home.


Wear socks to work.

If you’re using your own clothes, wear socks to avoid stains.


Wear pants.

You don’t need to buy new shoes every day, but a pair of pants will help you get through the day with less mess.


Bring a hat to work, because it makes the world a better place.


Wear headphones.


Dress appropriately.


Wear something with a tie.


Wear gloves.

I’m not a big hat person, but I do think having a pair in your pocket when you work is very smart.12.

Don,t worry.

You’re going to be fine.


Donate to the tirdydogs foundation.


Be positive.

I know it sounds like you’re trying to be all positive, but you’re really not.

You have to keep on going.


Take a selfie and post it on Instagram.


Keep a few things in your back pocket.

If it’s a backpack, put it in your coat pocket.


Do you have a tip for me? 18.