Which wheel is best? – Wheel of Truth

In the end, it all comes down to the taste of your palate.

Wheel of Knowledge, Wheel of Love and Wheel of Fear are all wheel of wisdom, but Wheel of the Week is the wheel of love. 

The Wheel of Light is the Wheel of Darkness.

A wheel of light is the source of all joy and peace.

It is a place where one can enter and leave, and where the joy is infinite.

Its light is like the light of a beacon shining through the darkness, and it is a source of great joy.

The Wheel is a vehicle for our journey of life.

It is our way to reach the goal of enlightenment.

The Wheel of Dharma is the Way of Wisdom.

The wheel is a tool for the seeker of knowledge and peace and is a way to live a full life.

The Wheels of the Wheel are: The Way of Light The Light of the Way The Dharma of Light and Lightness The Path of Wisdom The Wisdom Wheel