When will Gianluca Di Marzio become AC Milan’s new manager?

Cagliari’s new boss, Gianlucio Di Marzo, is in Italy for the first time and he is a man with a vision.

“I have to be honest,” the former Lazio coach told Radio Caravaggio.

“When I left, I knew that I had to find a new job.

I wanted to do something different and it was a new challenge for me. “

But I was looking for a good challenge.

But I am not a coach, so I have to work on my strengths and weaknesses. “

The fans loved me and they liked my team.

I am here to work, but it will be difficult.” “

It’s a different type of competition, with different teams.

I am here to work, but it will be difficult.”

Cagliarini, who will become the first Italian to manage in the Champions League, is the third candidate for the Milan job.

Internazionale’s Antonio Conte and Napoli’s Massimiliano Allegri have both been linked with the job.

But the two-time Italian champions are the only other Italian club currently in the race.

Di Marzanio, who was appointed as Lazio’s coach in November 2013, will not take the role until the summer.

“At the moment I have a job and I want to finish it,” he said.

We have to create a new level of football.””

Caglia is a team of five and we have to win it together.

We have to create a new level of football.”