Dicks work shirts are coming to Florida, Carolina

Workwear retailer Dickies has been teasing its upcoming Florida collaboration with the brand’s new work boots since last summer.

Now, the Florida-based retailer is unveiling the collection that will include the company’s new Tampa-based works T-shirts.

The Dickies Workwear collection is scheduled to be released later this year and will feature a variety of designs that feature the company logo, the Dicks name, and a selection of Dickies footwear and accessories.

The collection will be available in multiple colors, and will be manufactured in the USA and sold online.

“Florida has always been our passion and our mission,” said Dicks CEO Rick Riddle.

“With our mission, we will create a quality, versatile line of workwear for all our customers, both men and women.”

The company will offer two styles of T-shirt designs that are expected to be available at Dickies outlets throughout the state, and the T-shirts will also be available to purchase at select Dickies retail locations.

The new collection will feature two colorways of the T shirts, with the classic black and blue colorways being the standard color.

The “Florida” colorway will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2019, with additional colorways expected to follow.

The new line of Dickys workwear will be a collaboration between Dickies and Carolina-based designer, Jim Mottola.

The pair will collaborate to create a range of work shirts inspired by a variety and variety of classic T-Shirts, as well as the T, Mottolas latest design, the “Dickies Work Shirt.”

“We are excited to be working with Dickies to create the next great workwear collection,” said Mottolas creative director, Michael Zwicker.

“It is a tribute to the timeless look that has made Dickies one of the most recognized brands in the world, and our customers have been asking for it for years.”

The Dickys collection is expected to debut at Dickys stores across the state in the next two to three weeks.