Metalworks gets an animated movie, more from its creator

Metalworks, the creators of the original game, have teamed up with Pixar for a new animated film.

The film is called Metalworks and will be directed by Michael W. Smith.

Smith directed Metalworks 2, which ran for five months on Disney XD and was a huge hit in the video game community.

The Metalworks team is thrilled to be able to share this exciting project with the world, which is a great example of the collaborative spirit that has grown so strong within the Metalworks family over the years.

Metalworks’ director is a former Disney animator and co-founder of Metalworks Studios, a developer of animated content for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Smith is also the executive producer of Disney XD’s “Crocodile Dundee” which debuted in 2017.

Smith will direct the film, which will debut on Disney Channel on April 23.

Smith told Polygon he’s always been interested in making animated movies and it’s exciting to see the team behind the MetalWorks series making something special.

Metalwork 2 will be a collaboration between Smith and his team, which includes animators Josh O’Brien and Jason Pugh.

“We have a lot of really talented people who have been working on our characters and the story for a long time, and we think this is a very exciting project,” Smith said.

Smith said Metalworks was created in 2005 and will tell the story of the Metalworking world, with a focus on metalworks workers.

The film is expected to air in 2017 on Disney channel.

“Metalworks is a world of artisans and craftsmen, who use their skills and knowledge to build great metal products that are coveted by customers around the world,” Smith added.

Smith has been working as an animator since he was 10 years old, but he has always been inspired by metalworking and the craft.

“My love for the art form stems from my parents and grandfathers, who made their own jewelry and other crafts,” Smith told Polygon.

“My love of metalworking has also been inspired in part by the amazing designs by Japanese animator Masashi Nishimura.”

Metalworks 2 will star Michael W Smith, and will follow the Metalwork characters as they explore their work in Metalworks.

Metalworks will be an upcoming Disney Channel original series that will debut in 2018.

Smith has been an active Disney Channel content creator since the late 1990s and is a veteran of Disney Channel’s “Bark to the Music” series and Disney XD Animation Camp.