I made my best comedy work quotes

I made a bunch of funny work quotations for the new book I’m Writing: Why I’m the Worst Comedian Alive.

I think the book is the best book about comedy in the history of the world, because there are so many of these amazing quotes, and there’s a lot of stuff in it that you’ll never get to read if you read just one comedy book.

But I was also kind of obsessed with making these quotes, because they’re so unique.

I was like, “I want to make my best work quotes.”

So I went to work, I did my best, and the best quotes came out.

But the hardest part was just getting them all out.

I had to go through a whole bunch of these weird emails and phone calls, which were just crazy.

I would say like three people, and I would tell them, “Don’t be crazy.

Just tell me what you’re talking about.”

And then they’d go, “Yeah, that’s me.”

And I would go, ‘Yeah, but it’s a funny thing, because I’m really funny, but you can’t tell that because I’ve never done that.’

“So that was really hard.

I wanted to do my best because I was obsessed with the work.

And the best work I had was my work quotes.

I wrote a lot about my career, but the worst work I have was a lot more personal.

I thought, “That’s just what I’m doing when I do this.”

I think a lot the funniest work I’ve done was just for myself, because that’s what I enjoy doing, I think.

I’ve been really fortunate that I have these great friends who have been very supportive of my writing and my work, and have been really supportive of the things that I’ve said and written.

And I’ve really learned from them.

I feel like I’m a lucky person because I have so many great friends.

I guess what I like to do is, I’m writing my own stuff, and it’s been really rewarding.