‘My mom’s working on her water work’: Mother of water works’ who lost her job, daughter goes to school


— My mom is a water work mother who’s trying to do everything right for her daughters.

I’m trying to put her through school, she said.

It’s a hard life for a working mother.

Her daughter, who works for a public water utility, lost her work as a supervisor at a Birmingham-area public works department.

“I was working at the public works agency as a water-treatment specialist,” she said of her time as a worker.

My mother works full time, she added.

She’s got two other daughters working in a different part of the water system.

The family has worked at the city of Birmingham since 2010, according to the Water Works Division of the Department of Public Works.

We’ve been working in the city for 18 years,” she told ABC News.

Birmingham is one of the largest employers of water-supply workers in the U.S., with the largest number of workers in Birmingham.

But water-service jobs in the metro area are not the only ones being lost.

About 30 percent of Birmingham’s workforce is employed in jobs that require a degree, according the Birmingham News.

About 30,000 jobs in public and private sector have been lost in the last 15 years, according a recent report from the University of Alabama.

About 9,000 of those workers are in Birmingham, according CityData.com.

More than 30,600 jobs in Birmingham are in the “low-wage” industry, according Alabama Labor Commissioner Larry McDaniel.

There are about 1.3 million people employed in the Birmingham area, according data from the Alabama Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This includes some public employees and city employees.

The state Department of Human Services estimates about 1 million people in Alabama are living in poverty.