Watch your language in your email from India

Watch your email in Hindi or Punjabi?

Thats right, the Indian government has announced a ban on all forms of email in India. 

The ban will apply to emails from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and all emails sent to the Ministry will be considered “unauthorised” for sending to the government.

The ban applies to email sent from a mobile phone, laptop or tablet to any government-run entity or entity in India, including a company, state or national government agency, public sector body, department or agency of a government, and its employees. 

As we have reported previously, the government has been issuing a series of orders to block certain online services and apps in the country.

The orders have been rolling out over the past few months, and the ban applies in India too, but only to the official government email.

A spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of Information Technology and IT Services said:”The government has no intention to take any action to block email from Indian entities.

As per the law, government employees, including bureaucrats, must be sent official government emails, including email sent by government employees on official government business.”

A spokesperson said the ban was aimed at removing any impediments to government employees from using email and social media, including the need for users to log-in to access certain services.

This is an important step towards making India more secure and private, but also a move towards making government employees more accountable for their actions.